South cheshire masonic golf society

Supporting Needy Beneficiaries in Cheshire, North Wales, Shropshire, Staffordshire and Lancashire Since 1971

Over 52 years and £300 Thousand Pounds raised, 58 Wheelchairs donated to children and beneficiaries.

Providers of Therapeutic Rehab Machines to the NMC Winsford and Saltney Neuro centres in Cheshire

3 Captains and Recipient


Schooling is now possible

Father and Son with Wheelchair Specialist

Ron and Kelvin at Aldersey

Peter Alliss Presents SCMGS Chairs

John Morgan.

I have been involved with the South Cheshire Masonic Golf Society for over 20 years, and Treasurer for the last 15 years.

Taking the office of Treasurer was not something I aspired to as I have a background in Engineering not finance, but I passionately believe that those of us who are able to, should be helping those who are less fortunate. Over the last 50+ years we have, as a Society, donated many powered wheelchairs to disabled Children and it’s hard to think of anything more worthwhile. In recent times though we have been donating to causes which reach out to larger groups, including Saltney Neuro Centre and the Neuro Muscular Centre in Winsford.

We are not a large Society, and I am proud to be associated with a group of people who raise amazing sums of money by meeting up for a game of Golf.

John Morgan.

Karl Williamson

Having been a Freemason for over 29 years I have taken part in many fund-raising initiatives.

Being a member of the South Cheshire Masonic Golf Society and seeing what we have achieved in providing specialist wheelchairs and other equipment within our communities has filled me with the most pride and satisfaction. Being able to support this charity and have fun playing Golf along the way is the best of both worlds.

Since its creation this society has raised nearly £295,000.00. Maybe in 2023, we could break through the £300,000.00 barrier. Last year we supported the Neuro Centre in Saltney by providing a new water tank, a safety feature for their Oxygen Chamber. This year we hope to raise £15,000.00 to enable the Neuro Centre to purchase a Therapeutic Trainer with Computer to be installed in their newly built gym. This would service over 120 per month as they combat a variety of muscular related conditions.

I consider it a great honour to be your captain for the 2023 season and look forward to your support over this season. I hope that we can start by raising the profile of this society, encourage more friends, family and brethren who are not members, to join us, initially as guests. Who knows, maybe they may later become members.

Keeping a healthy membership will allow our Secretary, Noel Martin to negotiate better deals with the Golfing venues we wish to play. However, having a healthy membership will not help if the events are under subscribed.

As we look forward to a great season. Keep focused on Charity, Fun and Golf in that order

Best Regards

Karl Williamson

A Donation of over £7000 was made by the SCMGS (South Cheshire Masonic Golf Society) and CFC (Cheshire Freemasons' Charity) To purchase and install a deluge tank for the Neuro Centre Hyperbaric facility

Pictured from left to right:

Harry Wright (CFC Charity Steward).

Noel Martin SCMGS Secretary.

Kevin Ratcliffe (Everton and Wales Captain) Saltney Neuro Centre Patron.

Martin Rowland

I am 74 years old, and live in Rossett, near Wrexham.

I was born in Chester and attended Chester City Grammar School, until 1968 at the age of 18, when I was indentured to Shell Tankers UK Ltd as a deck apprentice.

I continued at sea in the Merchant Navy until 1993, working for Mobil Shipping Co. Ltd., when I was offered a shore position in Fairfax, Virginia.

In 1994, the family transferred to Singapore, where we lived for two years before returning to the US for a further 12 months.

At the end of that assignment the family returned to the UK, and settled in Basingstoke, which was a reasonable commute to the head office in London.

In 2000, Mobil was taken over by Exxon, and for a brief time I worked in HR, before being assigned to Qatar as Shipping Manager. I stayed there as ‘married unaccompanied’ for 10 years, eventually retiring in 2011.

Since then, I have tried to improve my golf, which still suffers from a lack of talent, but enjoyable nevertheless.

I am looking forward to being the Captain for this year, and let’s all hope for good health and good weather.

“If everything comes from within, everyone should get equal access to help, information and opportunities.”

Together we strive to make achievements

Our success as a golf society and as fundraisers has always been based on our belief in the value of people. We believe we can help to overcome disabilities and that the most innovative technology can and should be applied to needy people, and we believe that we can do just that.

Our long-term vision is this: to help every person we can to have an equal opportunity, feel more secure and motivated, be better informed, involved and happier.

We know it is a process. We think we are on the right track, if we do the right things, we will make it and provide as many benefits as we can.

a group of people standing around a bear mascot
a group of people standing around a bear mascot


Prenton Park Wirral 21st March from 12.00pm

Eastham GC. 25th April. from 12.00 pm

Bidston Golf Club 23rd May from 12.30pm

Walton Golf Club 20th June from 12.00pm

Aldersey GC 18th July 12.00 pm.

Old Padeswood 15th August 12.00 pm

Northop GC 12th September 12.00 pm JLR Trophy

Juniors may join play on specific dates.

Cheshire Provincial 'Ted Barker Trophy' 20th June

charity golf scmgs support disability
charity golf scmgs support disability

2018 Captain

Rod McClelland.

Charity sees the need, not the cause.

Keen Hall, Kean has muscular dystrophy from birth.

Likes swimming, x box, Shrewsbury town FC and loves Manchester United FC.

Really sociable young man loves going out with friends but gets really tired quickly so has to be pushed.

This chair with the power wheels to assist his movement would make a huge difference to his life as well as the parents and siblings.

Vicky, his mother was provided a powered wheelchair to promote Keen's independence when he goes to the secondary school.

He will be able to access the school campus without getting tired which will enable him to learn his subjects far more effectively. He will also be able to keep up with his piers which will promote his social skills and also be able to go to places independently to getting ready for adult life.

Out of school it will give Kean his independence so that he doesn't have to rely on his mum to push him around and when out playing with his friends he won't need to rely on anyone he will be able to do it himself.

As Kean is getting older this is becoming more and more important to himself that he is as independent as he can be and he doesn't want to rely on others to do things for him.

As a mother you want your child to do all of the things children and young adults can do, to be able to live life to the fullest they possibly can. This chair will help Kean so much, he will no longer have a bad back, he will be less tired, be able to join in play and some areas of sports, socialise independently, something he has not been able to do.

Kean by being less tired and even more, less in pain, will be able to improve his school grades which in turn provide more chances for his future. Kean can apply his skills as he grows and becomes a valuable member of the community.

Home life will improve with Kean being in a better and happier mood. As a parent, it will also help free up time which can be spent in more caring moments for fun and laughter with my boy. Kean will be able to have a social life and enjoy friends he struggles to have due to the lack of mobility. Being independent allows Kean to learn more, he is an inquisitive boy.

Life for him will be so different as his attitude improves along with his independence.

Have some questions?

What meals will be served at events?

A morning breakfast bap or breakfast plus a two course dinner

What services are available for special needs and requests?

As part of the general area health plan, dietary meals can be met.

Buggy's can be arranged for golfing

How do I prove my handicap certificate?

Your golf club will provide a handicap certificate. If you are not a golf club member, the SCMGS will provide you a society playing handicap after three rounds.

Golfing insurance is also provided for an annual fee.

Where can I stay?

If travelling from far, make a night of it at a local hostelry

What should I wear?

Choose the most comfortable clothes and shoes to suit the temperature.

Etiquette on the course and in the clubhouse must be followed.

What happens if there is a schedule change?

Of course, firstly we will inform you with an email or text and give all the changed details.

Keep searching and join us on our journey